Entry #1


2009-12-19 06:39:46 by MasterTubaman

Well, first news post of Newgrounds, what can I say?
. . . leik hai guyz!11! i r a newb. . . can i haz gil/? plzzzzz!1!

Alright, back on topic. I'm will more then likely need some time to learn my way around Newgrounds, so forgive me if I am a little slow. (I got to learn all these things about points and what-not).

Why did I join?

Well, I joined mainly because of my friend and animator Akavirtoon (he's rising to the animation call, check him out and help learn him a thing or two XD). He asked me to voice his upcoming animation and wanted me to get a NG account so he can properly credit me for the voice >.>

My second reason is because I am wanting to get my voice out there a little more. I get plenty of requests on YT to voice peoples animations and videos, but would like to go swimming with the big fishes for once to see what happens.

My third and final reason. . . I have Flash. Don't expect any animations anytime soon, I'm still too much of a novice to post anything here on NG. (I can animate using Paint and a Movie-Making Tool, so as soon as I can get Flash down, I'll drop something here and there)

Well, enough about me, tell me about you. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?



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2009-12-19 15:01:01

Tubaman, welcome to the portal!


2011-08-05 11:39:55

Remind me to get you to do a voice or two for me at some point :P